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About what I do...

The Director of Photography is usually is responsible for selecting everything and plus all equipment for the production and liaising with the technical director or final Client.

I help to decide what lights and related camera equipment are needed and procures these. The Director of Photography is ultimately in charge of the end project quality and heads up a crew.

I will work closely with all team in an effort to bring the Client’s vision to life. During the photo/video production, always will work closely with the lighting crew, the costume designer, and hair and makeup in an effort to make the project go smoothly.

Why I'm good at my work?

I'm a natural leader presence. I always will also work closely with all other department leaders during production.
As the leader of the visual team recording the production, the DOP will call for the makeup or costume department if necessary to ensure that all people involved in the video look appropriate. The job requires the ability to pay close attention to details and to know how to fix any visual problems that arise.
Good communication skills are essential for a Director of Photography, as well as the creative eye to make a production look great. The DOP makes sure that the production is capturing all of the footage it needs to be successful.

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